The Most Wonderful Time of Year?

The Most Wonderful Time of Year?We’ve made it!  Christmas is behind us and we hope you were able to spend at least some of yesterday relaxing in your PJ’s. It is a great time of year; full of memories, family, and friends…but it sure takes a lot out of a person!

So how’d you do? They say this is the most wonderful time of year after all…you know, “with the kids jingle-belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer”. So was it the most wonderful time of year for you?

We absolutely love Christmas, but we’ve heard the signs loud and clear from a few women we know. While Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, we find ourselves being over-stressed and over-stretched. Where did all this hype come from? We’re sure we can all look back at our Christmases growing up and think, “They were all such quaint little gatherings back then.”

So we hear the advice time and time again, “streamline your schedules, do only what’s important, delegate, etc., etc.” but we obviously aren’t listening. Every year the bar is placed higher and higher. We definitely aren’t enjoying the holidays as much as we once did.

So here’s another approach we could take. Wouldn’t we enjoy the holidays more if we weren’t trying to jam so much into one month? Instead of Christmas being the social climax of the year, why don’t we celebrate year-round? If you think we just fell off our rockers, stick with us here…

Whoever said that holiday greetings and gay happy meetings could only happen during the Christmas holidays? We’re pretty sure 4th of July cookies would taste just as good, and I’m sure extra kindness to strangers would always be welcome.

We’re not saying forfeit the Christmas season and its traditions altogether. We’re just proposing we all take a step back, and spread it out a little more; carry it beyond the end of the year. Instead of trying to run the marathon that is Christmas, why not visit some family at Christmas, some at Thanksgiving, and some in…June? Perhaps send your donation to the Salvation Army in August instead of trying to remember your change jar in December? And couldn’t we send greeting cards in the spring?

So here it is, December 27. Are you going to plummet off the Christmas high, or are you going to carry the magic of the season into 2012? Now that we think about it, February would be the perfect time for hearts to be glowing!

The Soul Sisters