The Choice is Crystal Clear

The Choice is Crystal ClearThe picture to the left is more than a lovely snowflake. It’s the result of an amazing series of experiments (or more accurately a life’s work) by Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto.

I was first introduced to Dr. Emoto’s work in the 2004 movie “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” The movie highlighted Dr. Emoto’s studies on water and how water crystals change when exposed to various stimuli, specifically written and spoken work, and music.

It didn’t come as a great surprise to learn that water from clear springs produced colorful snowflake patterns and that water from polluted sources were murky, dull, blobs. What was eye-opening to me however, was that similar results could be duplicated by taking the same water and exposing it to positive and loving intentions, or negative words and thoughts. Depending on the stimuli, the water would transform when viewed under a high-powered microscope. He was able to capture the results using high-speed photography.

His experiments involved writing the words or phrases on the bottles which contained the water samples, or having classrooms of children speak to the water. With one water sample the children screamed, “You make me sick.” Another sample heard the children enthusiastically say, “We can do it!”

The water crystal above was formed when infused with the intention “love and gratitude”. And look at the two examples below. One crystal was formed when exposed to heavy metal music, the other heard Mozart.

When you consider that 50% of the earth is water, that 75% of our bodies are comprised of water, and that Dr. Emoto’s research is revealing how positive and negative stimuli can transform water dramatically, you have to pause and question how our own thought patterns and habits are affecting the makeup or our bodies. What an amazing visual reminder to maintain positivity in word, thought and deed, and as a result be filled with beauty. What you allow yourself to be exposed to should now be crystal clear.

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