A Tribute to Friendship

A Tributed to FriendshipWhat would we do without our friends?  Strong and healthy friendships are extremely important to our well-being and empowerment.  Women especially rely on close personal friendships for support, encouragement, inspiration and feedback.

This month via Twitter, Soulspring Groups has been offering a daily tribute to the important roles friends play in our lives.  You’ve all heard the saying, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”  Very wise advice certainly, however there were many more “don’ts” to add to the list, and with the help of the Soulspring Groups community on Facebook, we created this list…

  1. Put themselves down.
  2. Play it safe.
  3. Think negative thoughts.
  4. Let fear hold them back.
  5. Lose faith.
  6. Work too hard.
  7. Miss an opportunity.
  8. Get lonely.
  9. Live in the past.
  10. Ignore their passion.
  11. Forfeit vacation time.
  12. Sing karaoke solo.
  13. Say never.
  14. Feel sorry for themselves.
  15. Give up.
  16. Cower in the face of challenge.
  17. Stop learning.
  18. Underestimate their own potential.
  19. Take no for an answer.
  20. Waste energy on worry.
  21. Take things personally.
  22. Over analyze.
  23. Forget your birthday!
  24. Chicken out.
  25. Put a limit on happiness.
  26. Have regrets.
  27. Want for love.
  28. Forget who they are.
  29. Miss out on a good sale.
  30. Ruin a fresh manicure.
  31. Walk around with food in their teeth.
  32. Lie to themselves.

What an amazing list, and we’re sure there are many more!  Tell us…how would you complete the statement, “Friends don’t let friends _______________.”  Share your ideas in the comment area below as a way to pay tribute to your pals and share this post so your friends can do same!

The Soul Sisters

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